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Claudia Losi – Being There Performance

Claudia Losi’s Being There includes this site-specific performance along Birmingham’s canals. Developed with Collettivo Amigdala and vocal researcher Meike Clarelli, this performance features an assortment of local singers. This event is part of Looping the Loop, a socially responsive programme on Slow Boat that takes place between canal and community spaces, offering a vehicle for… Read more »

Summer Events Diary: Ikon Slow Boat

A converted narrow boat, Slow Boat is a unique floating space for local communities and artists to make and experience art in a stimulating and creative environment. Get involved and take a look at our upcoming events this summer!   Fly the Flag 24 June — 29 June 2019 Flying the Flag with IYP Thursday 27… Read more »

Spring on Ikon Slow Boat

It’s been a great spring on board Ikon Slow Boat! A converted narrow boat, Slow Boat is a unique floating space for local communities and artists to make and experience art in a stimulating and creative environment. Here’s an update of what’s been happening on board: Remembering Cucumbers     Artist Kirsty Clarke led a two-part fermenting… Read more »

Interview with Justin Wiggan about Dreamboat

Interested in dreams and memories? Explore the Dreamboat Showcase open 7–11 November, 11am–5pm Wednesday–Saturday and Sunday 11am–3pm. Co-curated with Ikon Youth Programme and Slow Boat artist in residence Justin Wiggan, this showcase comprises documents from the Dreamboat project – a sleep laboratory in which artistic scores are played as dream prompts – including interviews with the participants and scientists involved. Keep… Read more »

Ming de Nasty – LADYWOOD

By Kaye Winwood, Looping the Loop Producer Ming de Nasty is currently artist in residence on Ikon’s Slow Boat. We asked her about LADYWOOD –  a series of portraits of female refugees that are displayed around the Soho Loop.          Can you explain what the project is? LADYWOOD consists of 3 metre high photographs pasted… Read more »

Making Knots with Maral Mamaghanizadeh

By Kaye Winwood, Looping the Loop Producer On Wednesday 25 July, artist and Ladywood resident Maral Mamaghanizadeh is leading a workshop on Ikon’s Slow Boat. Participants will create piece of jewellery inspired by Francis Alÿs’ work Exodus 3:14, an animation of 670 drawings of a woman tying a knot in her hair which is currently on show at… Read more »

An afternoon on Ikon Slow Boat

By Oliver, King Edwards VI Five Ways School, Birmingham          My name is Oliver and I am a student from King Edwards VI Five Ways school in Birmingham and I have just completed a week of work experience at Ikon (9-13 July 2018). The week was a blast and with each day working at… Read more »

Connections by Mahtab Hussain

By Mahtab Hussain, Ikon Slow Boat artist-in-residence  Last month, I was hugely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend time at Ladywood Health and Community Centre where I met local residents who were, not only connected to the centre, but also to the towers nearby. I was interested in the towers because for two years… Read more »

Ikon Slow Boat – Artist-in-residence: James Lomax

By James Lomax, Ikon Slow Boat artist-in-residence  This is the first time I have taken a more focused approach to research with my practice and I was keen to take a step back from the physical aspects of my work over the course of the residency. The outcome is a large new photographic archive and a… Read more »

Looping the Loop with Ikon’s Slow Boat

Ikon Gallery’s Slow Boat has recently undergone a transformation as it embarks on its next three year programme, Looping the Loop. Featuring a new design by Lamorna Conlon (a member of Ikon Youth Programme), Ikon’s Slow Boat boasts a bold and striking exterior which reflects the colours used by the gallery’s founding artists. Slow Boat,… Read more »

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