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In Place of Hate: Edmund Clark’s new work from Grendon prison

From the introduction of In Place of Hate: Edmund Clark’s new work from Grendon prison by Miranda Green, published in FT Weekend Magazine: “The award-winning artist has spent years working on projects about incarceration and control but, as Grendon’s artist-in-residence, he spent an intense two or more days a week on the inside, beginning in 2014. There… Read more »

HMP Grendon at Koestler Awards 2017

39 of the many artworks or written pieces submitted by inmates of HMP Grendon for the Koestler Trust annual arts award have received awards or commendations, increasing the number by 14 compared to the 2016 awards. This includes 2 First-time Entrant Awards, 21 commendations, 9 Bronze Awards, 2 Silver Awards, 3 Gold Awards, and two Platinum Awards for a pastel drawing Hustles of Brussels by… Read more »

Edmund Clark nominated for the Butler Trust Award

Edmund Clark, Ikon’s artist-in-residence at HMP Grendon, has been nominated for the annual Butler Trust Award. The Trust, set up to recognise and celebrate outstanding practice by those working with offenders, received nominations equalling last year’s record high number. A significantly high proportion of these nominations, over a quarter, were received directly from prisoners. Presided… Read more »

Honesty in art

Author Rachel Billington visited Edmund Clark and inmates of HMP Grendon: Some people don’t see the point of Art with a capital ‘A’ or even with a small ‘a’ . How unlucky for them! This month I’m reporting on two art projects, one very well known throughout the prisons, the great Koestler Trust, and the other… Read more »

Art from Grendon at Vibin’s

A selection of works by men from HMP Grendon went on display at Vibin’s a restaurant in Buckingham, a town just 10 miles from the prison. The opening of the exhibition coincided with the fundraising event of Friends of Grendon, a charity led by professor David Wilson.

HMP Grendon at Koestler Awards 2016

25 of the many artworks submitted by prisoners from HMP Grendon for the Koestler Trust annual arts award have received awards or commendations, more than doubling the success in the 2015 awards. This includes 15 commendations, 4 Bronze Awards (£20 cash prize), 3 Silver Awards (£40 cash prize), two Gold Awards (£60 cash prize) for a mixed… Read more »

Taking Everyone Else Into Account

Edmund Clark in conversation with Jonathan Watkins. Jonathan Watkins: It’s now more than one year since the Grendon residency started. How is it going? Edmund Clark: It’s going well. Looking back, it took quite a long time for me to get a sense of the place and how it worked. There are six prison wings,… Read more »

HMP Grendon at Koestler Awards 2015

12 artworks by prisoners from HMP Grendon have received the Koestler Trust annual arts awards or commendations. This includes 8 commendations, 1 first-time entrant award (£25 cash prize), 1 Bronze Award (£20 cash prize), 1 Silver Award (£40 cash prize) and 1 Sir Hugh Casson Gold Award (£60 cash prize) for a painted portrait Love and Life (pictured above). Congratulations to the… Read more »

Art at HMP Grendon 2015

Art at HMP Grendon was the first exhibition of the prisoners’ artwork supervised by Edmund Clark held at the conference centre of the prison. It was a unique opportunity for the inmates to present their work to a number of invited artists, curators, writers etc.    

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