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Eblana String Trio & Friends in Concert

£12 Booking essential Please join us for an evening of string chamber music performed by the Eblana String Trio, from Birmingham Conservatoire. Surrounded by Sidney Nolan’s paintings in Ikon’s first floor gallery, musicians will perform pieces by acclaimed composer Benjamin Britten, a close friend of Nolan’s, who inspired many paintings by the artist including a portrait… Read more »


Second Floor Galleries This is the first solo exhibition of work by Nástio Mosquito, emerging to be one of the most exciting artists of his generation. Rooted in the broadcast industry, where Mosquito worked previously as director and cameraman, his artistic practice is extraordinary for its energy, intelligence and wit. It is as funny as… Read more »

Bennett Miller Dachshund U.N.

Duration: 45 minutes Outside Ikon, Oozells Square Bennett Miller’s Dachshund U.N. is both a large scale architectural installation and a performance work that examines the role of the United Nations as a risk management organisation. A scale replica of the former U.N. office in Geneva, Switzerland, will be erected outside Ikon and on Saturday 31… Read more »

David Sherry

David Sherry’s absurdist performances and videos disrupt social codes and conventions. Taking on the persona of a misfit, Sherry remains out of step with those around him. He behaves anti-socially, as in Avoiding Eye Contact for One Seven Day Period  (1999) and I Haven’t Touched Another Person in Months (2003); he acts in a manner… Read more »

Ujino and The Rotators

On Sunday 8 March at 3pm , renowned Tokyo-based sculptor and musician Ujino Muneteru brings his sound sculpture and performance project, The Rotators, to Ikon. Domestic appliances including blenders and hairdryers are the musicians in this band, connected to the ‘rotatorhead’, a unit created from a specially adapted DJ’s mixing desk that Ujino has programmed… Read more »

Optophonic Lunaphone

British artist and musician, Brian Duffy presented a unique live performance that took place under the light of a full moon. Using a “Lunaphone,” a musical instrument invented by Duffy and made of specially adapted telescopes which collect lightwaves from the night sky, an ensemble of operators slowly explored and revealed the celestial soundscapes. Translating… Read more »

There are Two Paths

This performance, masterminded by British artist Paul Rooney, was based on Led Zeppelin’s rock classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’. It involved two bands one opening with the songs first two verses, followed by the other band playing them backwards, with the lyrics phonetically translated and the music notated accordingly. An idea of a stairway to heaven… Read more »

Hayley Newman

The first major solo exhibition for internationally acclaimed British artist Hayley Newman. She is well known both for her live performances and the photographic project Connotations – Performance Images 1994-98 (made in collaboration with photographer Casey Orr), in which she invented documentation for twenty entirely fictional performance works. This series, included in the exhibition, addresses… Read more »

Cleaning the Institution

This low-key performance involved the artist cleaning the non-gallery spaces within the Ikon building during opening hours. Visitors were obliged to move around him, on their way to exhibitions on the first and second floors, while he dusted, scrubbed and polished surfaces of ‘the institution’. On one hand, Brinkworth was paying homage to other artists… Read more »

Waterfall 9

First performed at the Hayward Gallery, London in 1977, Ikon re-presented Waterfall 9, devised by Anthony Howell and performed by the Theatre of New Mistakes, as part of Birmingham’s Artsfest. The fusion of horizontal and vertical movement around a tower of tables and chairs resulted in a stunning visual effect. It was accompanied by the… Read more »

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