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Meet Antonio Roberts: Forward Artist

Ikon’s new exhibition Forward: New Art from Birmingham opened last week at Medicine Bakery and Gallery. We interviewed artist Antonio Roberts to hear more about his digital artwork, artistic interests and how he sees Birmingham as a place of community. Follow this series of blog posts to hear more from Forward participating artists. Ikon has also produced interviews,… Read more »

Thomas Bock exhibition: Interview with Jane Stewart

In this film, Jane Stewart (Principle Curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) gives an insight into the life and work of Thomas Bock. Thomas Bock’s exhibition is currently on show at Ikon until 11 March 2018.  

Exhibition review

By Carmen, Ikon Youth Programme member Set across three different rooms, the work of Dinh Q. Lê, Janet Mendelsohn and Kelly Mark is as diverse as it is connected. All three exhibitions focus on the contrasting relationship between the individual and the space they inhabit; whether this be natural, urban or psychological. Changing from a… Read more »


Tower Room Exhibition Ann Veronica Janssens’ solo exhibition at Ikon in 2002 conveyed the artist’s characteristic fascination with natural phenomena and everyday experience, through coloured light projection and installation work. Returning now, ten years later, she presents a video portrait of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer at the age of 102. Filmed in real time… Read more »

Deepest Sympathy

Tower Room Exhibition Ikon presents Deepest Sympathy (2011), a digital animation by British video artist David Theobald. Through this short video, a biography is conveyed through the medium of greetings cards. Beginning at birth, they mark all of life’s loves, successes and tragedies: childhood birthdays, exam passes, career development, marriage, birth, divorce, retirement and death…. Read more »

Nail Biter

Tower Room Exhibition Working across a range of media, Cuban-American artist Anthony Goicolea is concerned with issues of the body, beauty, chaos and the perverse. In Goicolea’s video Nail Biter (2002), a young boy sits in bed in a darkened cabin in the middle of the woods, nervously biting his nails. As he chews, they… Read more »

Wandering through the Future

Tower Room Exhibition Wandering through the Future consisted of fragments of 70 ?lm productions from all over the world. In one hour, this video leads the audience through a variety of apocalyptic landscapes and settings from the year 2008 until 802701 AD. We encounter the way the future has been given shape with scenes of… Read more »


This  video, with its bird’s -eye view of a car park, translates reality-derived content into a different dimension. Vehicles are seen driving into and reversing out of parking spaces, people are getting in and out of their cars, crossing the road or walking past. The artist’s superimposed hands then enter into the frame as if… Read more »

Selected works

Execution Triptych and Crawl space by New York based artist Catherine Chalmers were shown in the Tower Room at Ikon and featured animals usually considered to be pests. The Execution Triptych consists of three short pieces, depicting cockroaches variously burned at the stake, squashed and gassed. The artist explains, “I’m doing what we do with… Read more »


In this video Czech artist Michal Pechoucek moves a series of his own paintings from one part of a room to another, thus revelaing a Kafka-esque narrative. The soundtrack is extracted from Alfred Hitchcocks’s Psych, at once injecting the scenario with tense feeling and smart knowingness.

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