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Aisha Khalid

2 December 2020 — 21 February 2021

Aisha Khalid (b. 1972, Lahore) is one of Pakistan’s most prominent contemporary artists. Schooled in traditional miniature painting, she has become a leading figure in developing the medium for modern audiences and attitudes. More recently she has turned to larger paintings, murals and installations.

Ikon’s exhibition exemplifies the fundamental propositions of Khalid’s artistic practice, touching on themes of gender and conflict. New work, shown for the first time, appropriates the imagery of traditional miniatures depicting battle scenes and other acts of violence, while removing all human figures. Khalid aestheticises her tough subject matter and refers to taboos of representational art, whilst also referencing typically feminine crafts such as textiles and needlework, with a focus on repeated geometric patterns taken from traditional Islamic designs, combined with floral motifs.