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Nina Könnemann


25 September — 10 November 2013

Tower Room Exhibition
Please note the Tower Room is only accessible via a number of steps

German artist Nina Könnemann uses photography, film and animation to convey her observations on human behaviour, especially that happening in subcultures. Her video Bann (2012) features workers in the City of London smoking, hidden in shadows of the marble-lined exterior alcoves and alleyways of their office-blocks. Characteristic of Könnemann’s work, Bann is candid and direct, capturing behaviour that exists on the edge of social order since the recent European ban on smoking in public places. Smartly dressed men and women are now compelled to seek out covert locations so that they can satisfy their cravings. The work alludes to the kind of contemplative state that smoking induces in the smoker, corresponding to Könnemann’s way of seeing.