Ikon Youth Programme

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Ikon’s Youth Programme (IYP) is for young people aged 16-21 who meet regularly to make artwork, work with professional artists, host events and develop their own projects.

IYP aims to:

  • Create opportunities to meet like-minded people, peers and creative professionals.
  • Programme events for other young people.
  • Pioneer youth-led programming supported by professionals.
  • Create a collective, to work with others to be creative.
  • Work closely with Ikon’s artistic programme and staff.
  • Develop contemporary creative practice.
  • Share skills and knowledge with others.

For ten years IYP has navigated Slow Boat around the waterways of the West Midlands and beyond. A converted narrow boat, Slow Boat is a unique floating space for IYP, local communities and artists to make and experience art in a stimulating and creative environment. Find out more.

If you are interested in joining our programme or want to find out more, contact or fill in the form below.

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Ikon Youth Programme Application

  • e.g Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter
  • E.g. practical workshops, arts careers.
  • Please write a short statement (200 words) highlighting your interests and strengths. Explain why you want to be part of Ikon Youth Programme.
  • I can confirm that Ikon Gallery is permitted to use and reproduce my image for the following reasons. Photography Reproduction Terms and Conditions: During this project / activity we may be taking photographs and video footage of participants and work produced. This is an important and valuable resource that helps us represent and promote the work that we do. We therefore ask your permission to: Use your image in Ikon / Birmingham City Council, regional, national and international press in any media. Use your image in Ikon / Birmingham City Council project documentation and / or advocacy material including local, regional, national and international publications, websites and Ikon’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Add your image to Ikon’s internal archive of images. The artists involved (if applicable) in the project / activity ask your permission to: Allow your image to be used on their professional website / social media pages. Ikon will NEVER: Use your image for any other reason other than that specified above. Use your image in a compromising or derogatory way. Use your name or contact details in relation to your image.