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Mit Jai Inn


15 September — 21 November 2021

Ikon presents the first major solo exhibition in Europe by leading Thai artist Mit Jai Inn (b.1960). Comprising recent works made from multiple layers of canvas and paint, it fills the gallery’s white-walled spaces with a kaleidoscope of material colour.

Mit’s art spans many forms, including early unstretched rectangular canvases covered on both sides with thick lines and bold patches of paint: Patch Works (1999 – ) made from grids and blocks of interlocking colours; and Scrolls (2003 – ) that transform a traditional format of Eastern painting into rollable sculptures. For Mit, painting is both intensely physical and deeply meditative. Using his hands, fingers and the occasional palette knife, he dabs, slaps and pulls his paints across the canvas, blending and arranging their colours intuitively. He likens this state to a trance in which consciousness gives way to pure, reflexive making:

“When I paint, it’s not only with my eyes, but with all of my senses: touch, smell, movement. The whole entity.” Mit Jai Inn