Oliver Beer – Reanimation (I Wan’na Be Like You), 2017

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Ikon has commissioned a new work by artist Oliver Beer. Reanimation (I Wan’na be Like You), 2017 is a re-drawing of a scene from Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book. Over 2000 children from across Birmingham aged 0 – 13 have taken part in the making of this work. Each child was allocated an image based on the month and the year they were born, starting with the babies and ending with the oldest children, so that the animation becomes increasingly ‘grown up’. Frame by frame the scribbles of infants progressively give way to the increasingly lucid drawings of children and then adolescents. The final work will be on display at Ikon between 15 March and 4 June 2017.


Ikon would like to thank the following nurseries and schools for taking part:

Allens Croft Children’s Centre

Brownmead Primary Academy

Gossey Lane Academy

Hillstone Primary School

Hodge Hill Girl’s School

Lillian de Lissa Nursery School  and Children’s Centre

The Nest Nursery

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

Selly Park Technology College for Girls

St George’s Church of England Primary School