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Who Killed my Son?


Who Killed my Son?

Who killed my son? Those words echoed around and around my head, as my beloved son Andrew died in my arms.

Those responsible for Andrew’s horrific death may never be punished or brought to account.

How could I ever bear such pain, such loss?

I had to make a difference and make sense of my heart-break. I would battle to find the answers this mum so desperately needed and also help other parents protect their children too.

My name is Christine Lord and I am a freelance journalist and mother of two children, Andrew was my eldest child, a rising star in the media.

In June 2007 after a rapid decline in his health, Andrew was diagnosed with vCJD the human form of Mad Cow Disease, helplessly I watched him die over many pain wracked months. My once healthy 24 year old son blinded, quadriplegic, unable to swallow or raise his head, destroyed, as his baby food, school meals or childhood vaccines were laced with deadly poison which the British Government condoned. Millions of us remain at risk, because what happened to Andrew could happen to anyone’s child, to anyone reading this book. We were all exposed to the deadly pathogen BSE for over a decade.

Using extracts from my real time diaries my book follows Andrew’s last days, the heartbreak of loosing a child, and this grieving mother’s fight against the most powerful and influential people in the UK. I have been tracked by the security forces, threatened and my well-being put at risk. I will not be silenced.

My research has shown Andrew should never have died, I have cried a river of tears….

This is my story.