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Richard Wilson Plinth Edition


Richard Wilson Plinth Edition

Richard Wilson, ‘Still Life Jug’, 2015
Handmade ceramic

Limited edition of 50. Plinth Ikon 50 Edition.

40 x 59 x 28 cm
5.5 kg

“A still life is a work of art that predominantly depicts inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural or man-made, and in my case, a household jug.

However, this jug sculpture contains a narrative, which involves an unknown time duration, through a shift in its position” – Richard Wilson

“This inadvertently turns the sculpture into a double paradox in that

a) It is a still life subject yet describes a moment of time through motion…

b) …the work is forever trapped in the act of moving.

The sculpture is unbounded by gravity allowing it to sit in a number of chosen positions and is produced by pouring slip into a mould and then firing the form in a kiln” – Richard Wilson, 2015

Please contact Sam Newman if you wish to purchase this edition – s.newman@ikon-gallery.org