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New Museum

Image: Proposed view of Curzon Square

Proposed view of Curzon Square

Since 2009 Ikon has been actively promoting the idea of a new museum of contemporary art in Birmingham, believing that this city – the largest city in the UK besides London – should offer much more in terms of visual arts provision. The first part of a feasibility study was undertaken and a central location identified, through the support of Birmingham City Council,  whilst overwhelming enthusiasm for the project was expressed by local residents.

However, recently the effects of economic austerity have been keenly felt in this city and so the amounts of capital and revenue funding required to realise such an institution are extremely unlikely to be forthcoming in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, its proposed location has now been significantly compromised through plans for the Birmingham terminus of the new high speed railway, HS2. Such setbacks make us more philosophical, but we still dream!

Jonathan Watkins
Director, Ikon

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