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Carlo Crivelli 

Shadows on the Sky 

23 February — 29 May 2022

In October 2019 Ikon won the inaugural £150,000 Ampersand Foundation Award, which will enable the gallery to realise its dream of staging an exhibition of works by the 15th century Italian Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli. It will include a number of works from European collections, including some never lent before.

“An exhibition of work by the 15th century painter Carlo Crivelli is not only a dream come true for Ikon, but also something that I have always really wanted to do. Since being an undergraduate I have been fascinated by Crivelli, at once very ‘traditional’ in a northern Italian style but pointing towards a postmodern art historical future unlike any other pre-modern artist. Arguably, Carlo Crivelli was as radical as Magritte.”
Jonathan Watkins, Ikon Director