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Caro Niederer

Living with Art

9 April — 30 May 2005

This was the first solo exhibition by Swiss artist Caro Niederer in the UK. It involved various types of work in an unforced interweaving of art and everyday life. Niederer’s paintings, rather than being self-contained art objects, are revealed as open gestures, existing between processes of their production and subsequent journeys into worlds beyond the studio. With their subject matter reflecting a range of interests, including still lifes and sporting events, portraits and alpine landscapes, they are destined for the schemes of others.

Niederer’s Interieur photographs depict her paintings in the places where their collectors put them – in children’s playrooms, for example, in the company of toy dinosaurs and Lego, or propped up in a kitchen alongside a variety of family souvenirs. The photographs thus testify to the care and fond deliberateness of the inhabitants of these rooms, where the artist’s paintings have come to play an integral part.

Niederer’s sculptural works replicate the kinds of objects that furnish familiar spaces. She makes rugs adorned by reproduced images of her paintings, for example, and exquisite shelving units full of different coloured pullovers. They suggest consumerism and provide an analogy for the fate of art in general.

This exhibition was organised in collaboration with Kunstmuseum St Gallen, Switzerland and was supported by Prohelvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland.