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Patrick Killoran

Observation Deck (Birmingham)

6 July — 11 September 2016

Tower Room, Second Floor

Please note the Tower Room is only accessible via a number of steps and this installation is not suitable for children under 10.

Visitors are invited to Ikon’s Tower Room where they can lie on a horizontal platform and slide partially out a window of the building. Killoran thus plays with our instinctive sense of vulnerability while at the same time activating a heightened awareness of our body’s precise location in time and space.

Public space and the role of participation in contemporary art informed by social practice are essential elements of Killoran’s work. Observation Deck (Birmingham), remains an incomplete artwork until the audience joins in. By simply repositioning what is readily available to the visitor, Killoran’s artistic intervention operates as a minimal gesture of contextualisation as experience.

Observation Deck (Queens) was exhibited for the first time at PS1 in New York nearly 20 years ago, and has had a number of iterations since. Ikon offers the only currently installed version of the work in the world.