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Richard Hamilton

Polaroid Portraits

14 November 2001 — 20 January 2002

Started in 1968, finished in the new year of 2001, there were 128 polaroid portraits of Richard Hamilton taken by other artists in this series, shown together for the first time in this exhibition. The essential modesty of the project, its spontaneity and friendliness, resulted in snapshots that have captured not only the changing appearance of its subject – reminiscent of Rembrandt’s self-portraits – but also the personalities and distinct styles of the other artists. Roy Lichtenstein, the New York artist famous for his cartoon pop, took the first, and Bruce Mau, Toronto-based designer, took the last. Artists in between included Andy Warhol, Dieter Rams, Man Ray, Cartier Bresson, Gustav Metzger, John Lennon, Stuart Brisley, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg and Braco Dimitrijevic.