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Giorgio Sadotti


1 May — 14 July 2013

Tower Room Exhibition

Since 2010, British artist Giorgio Sadotti has been assembling THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS, an ‘exquisite corpse’ made from objects produced by fifty-one artist friends and acquaintances, most of whom have had an impact on Sadotti’s identity as an artist.

This process of gradual accumulation has resulted in a meta-artwork or a curatorial monster that mockingly presents a complete entity; a Frankensteinian self-portrait. The various elements of Sadotti’s figure are fitted onto a precisely engineered aluminium skeleton to present a character constructed from assorted media, including sculpture, two-dimensional materials such as painting and photography, neon and audio-visual body parts.

These objects create a cacophony, which represent the different facets of the artist’s personality, as well as the varied ways of producing and interpreting figurative artworks. Among the remains are Simon Martin’s consciousness, which comes in the form of a real lemon, Georgina Starr’s brain made from bubble-gum and a tarot card, and Paul Noble’s spinning, hallucinogenic and multi-faceted left foot and toes hewn from polystyrene and plaster.

THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS was commissioned and produced by Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea and includes work by Shahin Afrassiabi, Fiona Banner, Mark Beasley, Vanessa Billy, Roxane Borujerdi, Eleanor Brown and Loolie Habgood, David Burrows, Denna Cartamkhoob, Rachael Champion, Steven Claydon, Kelly Eginton, Laura Eldret, Graham Fagen, Karin Felbermayr, Ella Finer, Ceal Floyer, Freee, Neil Gall, Anya Gallaccio, Liam Gillick, Matt Hale, Matthew Higgs, The Hut Project, Alan Kane, Lisa Kirk, Elise Lammer and Lawrence Leaman, Mikael Larsson, Simon Liddiment, Raphael Linsi, Simon Martin, Fraser Muggeridge, Paul Noble, Carlos Noronha Feio, Stefano W. Pasquini, Elias Rediger, Audrey Reynolds, Sarina Scheidegger, Dina Schuepbach, Georgina Starr, Alexandra Stähli, Jemima Stehli, Jack Strange, Milly Thompson, Chris Watts and Elizabeth Wright.