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Kane Do

Untitled (Car park Drawings)

1 July — 30 September 2000

Over a two-week period, during the summer of 2000, artist Kane Do transformed empty car parking spaces into temporary artworks. By standing on the edges of the marked rectangles with his back to the sun, he cast his shadow so that it was contained within them. The area between the shadow and the outline of the parking space was then blocked in with chalk, transforming the shape of his figure into a pictorial void. The poignancy of this work was enhanced by its susceptibility to rain or its risk of concealment by a parked car. The drawing’s delicacy was thus reiterated through its fleeting existence.

These minimal and straightforward drawings suggest a childhood practice of making chalk patterns on the street. Each drawing exists only temporarily but the experience of coming across one can be curious and fascinating. Working in collaboration with regional non-gallery venues, the artist transformed public spaces into temporary artworks.