HMP Grendon22.04.2020

A journey through the therapy looking glass

By James Latunji-Cockbill, Producer – Art at HMP Grendon

 “Grendon gives you enough time to talk and listen, in order to eventually work through all of the troubles that brought us to prison in the first place. The people here believe, despite how horrendous our pasts may have been, we can come to terms with our histories; that we can use this experience to change for the better.”

The latest issue of Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees, features an article by one of the residents at HMP Grendon working closely with the artist in residence, Dean Kelland. You can read about Nathan’s (a pseudonym) experience as well as the prison’s commitment to reducing recidivism through its therapeutic communal regime.

Nathan spoke passionately at the Art at HMP Grendon exhibition in January about the prisoners’ right to vote, a topic which he also explores through painting.

You can read the full article in the Comment section on page 32, here.

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Art at HMP Grendon is supported by the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust and HM Prison and Probation Service.



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