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Farwa Moledina

Farwa Moledina

These unique prints by artist Farwa Moledina accompany her new work Women of Paradise (2022), currently on show in Ikon’s Tower Room.

Each artwork focuses on a female figure of cultural significance in the East but largely unfamiliar in the West – including Maryam (a.s.) Aasiyah (a.s.), Khadijah (a.s.) and Fatimah (a.s.). Available in five designs, priced £100-£150, in a limited edition of 10.

The team at Ikon Shop have also put together a selection of associated books.

All profits from Ikon Shop support Ikon’s charitable artistic and educational programmes.

Fight Back

An empowering story about finding your identity and the courage to fight for it. Aaliyah is an ordinary thirteen-year-old living in the Midlands – she’s into her books, shoes, K-pop and she is a Muslim. She has always felt at home where she lives…until a terrorist attack in her area changes everything.

Cut from the Same Cloth?

Perceived as the visual representation of Islam, hijab-wearing Muslim women are often harangued at work, at home and in public life yet are rarely afforded a platform of their own.

Cut from the Same Cloth? includes a collection of essays from 15 middle and working class women of all ages and races who offer honest insights into the issues that really affect our lives. 

Idle Women on the Water

Idle Women on the Water: A brick throwin’, hijab-wearin’, hairy-legged, space-takin’ odyssey.

Part manifesto, part social history and part travelogue in the form of a graphic novel, this book tells the story of idle women and their mission to make space for women on the canals and tow paths of North West England.


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