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The band Dreamscapes joins Birmingham-based artists Elliot Spencer-Wright, Marc Millot-Spilmont and Pav Kailey in this unique sensory experience. In a fully improvised manner, the musicians interact with colourful and mesmerising visual projections in the gallery space. Expect a night of uncontained artistic freedom, breaking boundaries between different art mediums.

About the artists

Dreamscapes create exciting and invigorating environments within which to improvise. Drawing from myriad inspirations, the sound of the band is electric, borrowing from the idioms of the jazz world as well as rock, fusion and free jazz. Spontaneity and interaction are at the heart of their musical world and the original compositions written by various members of the band seek to find these open-ended environments which accommodate this freedom in which they relish.

Pav Kailey is a visual artist passionate about indulging in colour and texture to immerse minds. Using curiosity and the senses as a foundation to expand the experience of colour. This wouldn’t be possible without the feeling of the present. So look deep and tell us, how do you feel colour?

Elliot Spencer-Wright & Marc Millot-Spilmont: I love to narrate and spin a yarn, it has such power! It’s a plunge for both the audience and me in the making of performance. Not much has changed, I always enjoyed creating fictional games or stories as a child. It makes perfect sense fast forwarding to today where I practise audio and visual in situ. Who hasn’t played out their own songs and music videos in their own head? Their marriage is a powerful, each heightening the other.


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Free, suggested donation £5

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Image Credits
2. Dreamscapes 3. Artwork by Pav Kailey 4. Artwork by Elliot Spencer-Wright


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