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Annual Review: 2022
As we approach the end of 2022, we would like to thank everyone who has supported Ikon during the year. We remain committed to offering free experiences of art for all, including our exhibitions, off-site projects, talks, tours and workshops.
HMP Grendon08.12.2022
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Notes from HMP Grendon
The latest post by Dean Kelland, Ikon’s artist in residence at HMP Grendon. “It started with a seemingly insignificant series of e-mail notifications. None of which I responded to. In that lack of response lay the catalyst for a decision to retrace steps and try to find or re-find the roots of what I do. It is no surprise that after 25 years as an educator, 100 miles an hour, week in week out I would feel a sense of loss.”
Ikon Shop25.11.2022
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Ikon x Window Artists
Take a look at Ikon Shop’s newly commissioned window illustration by Window Artists for our winter exhibition, Horror in the Modernist Block. Birmingham-based Window Artists take their inspiration from their love of the city’s brutalist architecture, as well as the natural world and how it intersects with the urban landscape.
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Forward Programme 2023
Ikon announces its future exhibitions and education programmes for 2023. Find out what’s coming up!
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Ikon Team Update
Ikon enters a new phase in its history as Jonathan Watkins, Director since 1999, has completed his time leading the gallery. During the coming period members of the current senior management team will take on new roles and responsibilities.
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Thank You Jonathan Watkins
Today Jonathan Watkins steps down as Ikon Director. Thank you for your 23 years of service, for leading Ikon to where it is today and for your commitment to presenting the very best contemporary art. The impact of your dedication and leadership is felt by all at Ikon, the many artists you have supported and the much wider cultural community.
Ikon Shop20.10.2022
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Shop: Exhibition Collection
These unique prints by artist Farwa Moledina accompany her new work Women of Paradise (2022), currently on show in Ikon’s Tower Room.  
Ikon Shop13.10.2022
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Shop Exhibition Collection
The team at Ikon Shop have also put together a selection of books and stationery inspired by the work of Edward Lear. Here are just a few!
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October Family Saturday
Families spent time together making and experimenting with creative, hands-on activities inspired by Mayunkiki’s exhibition.
HMP Grendon22.09.2022
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Notes from HMP Grendon
I had made it a policy from the beginning of the residency to never ask directly about anyone’s reason for being in Grendon. I had never googled them or tried to find any details about them outside of the prison either. For this reason it was easy to interject with certainty and also not react to the list of offences that had been shared. “Who am I to judge anyone here? You’ve been judged, by others…and yourselves. The present is more than the past for me and I prefer to move forward not back.”
Ikon Youth Programme12.08.2022
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IYP Journal - Photo Walk with Tom Hicks
Recently, Ikon Youth Programme (IYP) have been fortunate enough to join the artist Tom Hicks on photo walks around Black Country areas. Find out how they got on.
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Aaron Williamson: Hiding in 3D
For one day, 31 d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists staged Dada inspired interventions in museums and galleries across the Plus Tate network as part of We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV). British artist Aaron Williamson performed Hiding in 3D at Ikon. Find out more.
Ikon Shop27.07.2022
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New Limited Edition
These beautiful limited edition artworks accompany Ikon’s current exhibition by Nigerian artist Abdulrazaq Awofeso. Available in two designs, in a limited edition of 15, each artwork is forged in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter by A Wardle & Co.
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Migrant Festival 2022
Some of the highlights from The Migrant Festival 2022 (14-17 July). The festival celebrated the contribution made by refugees and migrants to Birmingham and the UK, and highlighted the migrant stories of artists in Ikon’s programme, including Abdulrazaq Awofeso and Osman Yousefzada.
Ikon Youth Programme04.07.2022
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IYP Journal - Boat Redesign
Over the last few months, IYP collaborated with artist Betsy Bradley and designer Laura Jaunzems to reimagine Slow Boat as an alternative art school.
HMP Grendon29.06.2022
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Notes from HMP Grendon
The latest post by Dean Kelland, Ikon’s artist in residence at HMP Grendon. “George, here is your matcha tea with soya.” I looked up from my screen and walked over to the counter. “Lovely, thanks Sonia.” My regular visits seemed to coincide with Sonia’s shifts and, as I arrived at the counter, she smiled. “You’re always welcome.”
Slow Boat22.06.2022
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IYP Journal - Catch-up
Ikon Youth Programme have been very busy recently including working on the re-design of Slow Boat, workshops at Birmingham School of Jewellery and lots more!
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Free Activity Packs
Ikon’s activity packs (Key Stages 1 – 4) are designed for creative learning at school or home. Inspired by Hew Locke’s Foreign Exchange, presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival.
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May Family Saturday
Families created colourful hanging fruit paper garlands in response to the symbolic fruits and use of illusionism in Carlo Crivelli’s paintings.
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Free Activity Packs
Ikon’s activity packs (Key Stages 1 – 3) are designed for creative learning at school or home. Inspired by Ikon’s exhibitions by Carlo Crivelli.
HMP Grendon08.04.2022
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Notes from HMP Grendon
The latest post by Dean Kelland, Ikon’s artist in residence at HMP Grendon.   “What is a ‘good’ man? That’s still the question…”
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Yhonnie Scarce
Australian Aboriginal artist Yhonnie Scarce was born in Woomera, South Australia, and belongs to the Kokatha and Nukunu peoples. Back in Birmingham for a residency until late-May, Scarce working with glass, explores the political nature and aesthetic qualities of the material – in particular corresponding to the crystallisation of desert sand as a result of British nuclear tests on her homeland during 1956-63.
HMP Grendon23.03.2022
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A journey through the therapy looking glass
Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees, features a monthly column by Nick London (a pseudonym) giving insight into the therapy undertaken at HMP Grendon. The latest issue demonstrates how Dean Kelland’s artist residency supports therapeutic practice at the prison

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