Ikon Youth Programme04.07.2022

IYP Journal – Boat Redesign

By IYP member

Over the last few months, IYP collaborated with artist Betsy Bradley and designer Laura Jaunzems to reimagine Slow Boat as an alternative art school.

For the redesign of Slow Boat’s exterior we had a series of practical workshops and discussions with Betsy and Laura. Betsy shared her exhibition at Ikon, Chasing Rainbows (13 December 2021 – 13 February 2022), and led a short meditation before we began experimenting with paint.

In the workshops we embraced chance, by mixing colour and constructing our own painting tools for mark making. With rolls of white paper covering the floor and an array of objects (sponges, large sticks and pipe cleaners), we assembled our own large brushes/painting tools. These instruments took on a life of their own through movement and paint (mixing colours such as fluorescent green, orange and blue). We repeated this process, creating a series of experiments, at once using and adapting materials and testing new patterns and colours.

The experiments resulted in a series of shapes, patterns and colours to be translated into the boat design.

At the last painting session, we shared and discussed our visions for the boat, bringing together the voices of the group to form a collaborative design. Laura worked with us to finalise and translate the painting experiments into a continuous style that considered the structure, shape and size of the boat.

Overall it was a super fun and insightful experience. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to create painting tools and unexpected outcomes that were then translated into a spatial design. I am very thankful to learn so much from everyone involved and enjoyed the process of making collaborative decisions.


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